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Will create a lifetime of memories. Your generous gift could help siblings like Ailie and Hollie make happy memories like hand and foot printing with their sibling who is living with a life-shortening condition.

Will bring loving care. Your gift could pay for a bereavement support session, providing a vital lifeline for families grieving the death of their child. 

Will bring joy. Your kindness will pay for expert nursing care at a family's home, giving parents a well-deserved break and the chance to just be parents for a while, not carers.

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Your support will provide care for dying children and their families across Scotland. Whoever they are, wherever they need help, we believe that no family should face the death of their child alone. 

But right now, CHAS can't be there for every family who needs help. 

You can change that. Join thousands of kind and caring people across Scotland, and donate to CHAS today. Together, we will make sure that no family will be left to face the death of their child alone.

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Together we will be there for every dying child. 

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It was the heart-wrenching news that no parent should ever have to receive. Hannah had experienced a placental abruption, a complication that starves a baby of oxygen and nutrients in the womb.

We’re telling Hannah’s story because it’s a story we at Children’s Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS) see all too often. 

It is a story of the heartbreak of losing a baby. 

But it is also a story about keeping the joy alive for families, even in the face of death - but we need your help.

There are over 16,700 babies and children with life-shortening conditions in Scotland who need our help. Hannah was one of the babies we were able to reach, but we can’t reach all of them. Not without your kindness and generosity.

CHAS were there from the start.

As soon as mum Katrina came out of recovery, she and her partner Ben were introduced to Evelyn, Emma, and Michelle, from CHAS. All three colleagues specialise in births like Hannah’s, and immediately sprang into action to help the family in any way they could. Their caring and friendly presence enveloped the family with warmth at such a difficult time.

Sibling support for Hannah’s sisters, Ailie and Hollie, was available right from the start. 

Can you imagine how hard it would be to explain Hannah’s situation to her sisters? 

Care from CHAS was tailored exactly to the girls to help them process what was happening.

While at the hospital, they got crafty with different coloured paints to create footprints, handprints, and pictures. Ailie and Hollie got to make memories with Hannah that they will treasure forever.

“We can’t have Hannah with us, but CHAS helps us remember that she was actually here and she was our baby.”

24th April 2019 was the day that Hannah was born. It was only a day later that she tragically died, surrounded by her loving family. 

She was put on life support as soon as she was born, and the doctors and nurses in charge of her care did everything they could, but the complication was to be fatal.

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In Katrina’s words: “they made a sad time as fun as could be and that was
important for my children”.

“These keepsakes have genuinely become a lifeline for my family.
Without them, I feel it would be so much harder. They also help anyone who didn’t get the chance to meet her.”

Care for as long as families need it.

Although it has been three years since Hannah’s death, the family still access emotional support from CHAS, and they will be welcome to for as long as they need. 

How long does it take to get over the tragic death of your child? 

It’s an impossible question to answer.

You can make sure that no family has to face the death of their child alone.

Just £30 could pay for an art therapy session with one of our Activities Co-ordinators. Your gift would help families to make memories together and help keep little hands and little minds busy at an incredibly difficult time.


Since Hannah’s death, CHAS has always been there for Katrina and Ben and their

Katrina said: “Honestly, I can’t praise the CHAS team enough for how they’ve helped us. Michelle still pops by for a visit every so often or when I need and I also find that incredibly helpful when I’m having sad days or when I just want to talk to someone who was there with me through the pain.”

But CHAS can only provide such support because of donations received from loving donors. 

Will you join them?

We know that might sound like a hard thing to do right now, especially with the increased cost to living we’re all facing. 

But sadly, those increased costs are also being felt by many of our families too, adding even more pressure when they are already at breaking point.

If you are able to, please consider giving a gift of £15 to provide love and care for babies like Hannah and to Keep the Joy Alive for parents like Katrina and Ben.

Will you share your love with babies like Hannah and their families today?

No family should have to face the death of their child alone.

But they need you.

Will you show your love to families like Hannah’s by donating to CHAS today?

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