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“Thank you for reading my story, it means so much to me to tell you about Jayden. 

Jayden touched so many hearts and I feel so proud that he has touched yours. 

And thank you for your love and support you have shown during the most difficult time of my life. 

- Lynn, Jayden's mum

No family should have to face the death of their child alone.




Could pay for an activity pack filled with silly games, cool winter crafts and fun activities to let kids be kids for a few hours! 

Could pay for a bereavement support session delivered by phone. Your gift would provide a vital lifeline for families grieving the death of their child so early in the new year.

Can pay for a Home Support Volunteer to visit a family at home for a couple of hours, giving parents a well-deserved break after such a busy time of year. 

I care! 
I will show love to every family facing the death of their child.

Will you keep the joy alive for every dying child?

Your support will provide care for dying children and their families across Scotland. Whoever they are, wherever they need help, we believe that no family should face the death of their child alone. 

But right now, CHAS can't be there for every family who needs help. 

You can change that. Join thousands of kind and caring people across Scotland, and donate to CHAS today. Together, we will make sure that no family will be left to face the death of their child alone.

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Together we will be there for every dying child. 

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“If Jayden were here today, he would tell us all to be happy. 

He’d want us to keep going, keep smiling and keep busy. 

So that’s what we try to do every single day.” 

- Lynn, Jayden's mum 

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My boy Jayden was our family’s superhero. He was our wee fighter, battling against Tay Sachs Disease, which he was diagnosed with at just 13 months old.
I will never forget the moment the doctors told me about Jayden’s condition. It felt like my whole world had been taken from under me, like a helium balloon with the air suddenly taken out. I was upset, angry, deflated and devastated all at once.

I kept thinking why has this happened to us? Why my son? But then you adapt. You have to, and I wouldn’t change my son for all the world – Jayden was Jayden after all. He was the best wee boy ever and we all loved him to bits.

After Jayden’s diagnosis, our family was referred to CHAS’s Rachel House. I can’t tell you what a breath of fresh air it was to set foot inside for the first time. The moment we arrived I felt a weight lift off of my chest.

The bright colours, warm voices, and aroma of baked goods made me feel at home in an instant. I never thought that would be possible. You imagine a hospice as a sad place, but Rachel House couldn’t be further from that.
The staff looked after me, my husband Brian, and our children as though we were family. I’ll never forget the outpouring of love I received at every visit.

Without your loving care, this would have never been possible. And believe me when I say, this was a real lifeline for us all. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity.

In April 2021, Jayden started to deteriorate rapidly. There were major changes with his feeding and he developed an infection and pneumonia. Our family knew the only place for us to go was Rachel House – our warm and loving home from home.

Death wasn’t a scary thing at Rachel House and that made us feel more at ease. We knew that Jayden was at the end of his life, so we were as prepared as you can be but his death still hit us all like a ton of bricks.

Captain Jayden died at Rachel House on the last Tuesday in May this year aged just 5 years and 2 months. The devastation winded me. My baby boy had left us. Even though we knew that the day would come eventually, you just can’t prepare for such a traumatic moment.

The morning Jayden died one of the staff members at Rachel House helped me shower him. I didn’t even know this was an option. It didn’t matter what time of day or night, you could sit and hug him. I could hold him in my arms and tell him how loved he was. The staff were there by our side 24/7. Can you imagine what that meant to me?

CHAS helped us plan his funeral, and thanks to your generous gifts we were able to honour and remember our Jayden in the best way at his funeral.

Even though I felt the crushing despair of the loss of my wee boy, his fun and cheeky side shone through as we celebrated his life with some of his favourite superheroes. CHAS staff helped arrange for Captain America, Supergirl and Captain Marvel to walk in front of his coffin. It was the perfect send off for our little hero.

As we face our first Christmas without Jayden, the memories that you helped us create over the years and the fact that we know you are there for us is what gives us as a family, the superhero strength to keep going.

The joy YOU give